The main two authors (and brains) behind the screen and behind the scene!

Nick Bruetsch

Nick Bruetsch is a Graduate of International Politics from Aberystwyth University and a reserve officer in the Swiss Armed Forces. He just finished a 6-month deployment to Bosnia & Herzegovina as part of the European Union Force Peacekeeping mission there after having worked in Moscow, Russia and Bern, Switzerland for 6 months respectively. He grew up internationally and speaks four languages. His main interests include Cyber Security, Russian Security, Intelligence Studies and Military History. In his free time he enjoys long distance walking and exploring new countries.

Briony-Molly Basterfield

Briony-Molly is a Graduate of International Politics and Military history from Aberystwyth University. After graduating, to further her interest in online media, took a course in Interactive Media Management at Algonquin College. Her main interests are military history and political philosophy. In her spare time she likes to go out at take many photos, unless it is really cold where she stays in with her cat.)

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