2 Year anniversary, 2019 and 2020…

We made it another 365 days! 42.5 Degrees blog has now turned 2 years old, so we thought we would take time to reflect on 2019 in terms of the blog, as well as tell you our ambitious ideals now that we have 2020 vision… And of course say a BIG thank you for your support.

2019 saw some huge changes for us personally here at 42.5 degrees, meaning that we maybe didn’t write as much as we wanted to. However, we still gained massive support from across the world reading our posts. We said farewell to our Weekly Reviews, being too much to handle in our chaotic schedules, but we said hello to more reviews, branching out to review more media such as Television series and podcasts. We welcomed Linkedin to out social media roster, so check us out there!

What does 2020 bring for us?

The simple answer is big plans, big ambitious plans. To elaborate, we wish to bring you more content we are passionate about, being more reviews and series posts. En Lieu of the weekly roundup, we would also like to try and implement a monthly round-up, were we take the month in review, talking about topics and news stories that have been imperative and/or overlooked. We are still on the lookout for guest authors with fresh opinions and a passion for politics, international relations or military history!

Is there anything you would like to see more of? Leave us a comment or email us at 425degreesblog@gmail.com !

And Lastly….

A Massive thank you to all our subscribers, readers, followers, contributors, sharers etc. without you we would not be able to continue our platform. May you all have a fabulous 2020!

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