Review: The Impeachment

On 21 January 2020, the Impeachment Trial of American President Donald Trump began. The Jury consists of the 100 senators of the United States Senate. The trial consists of hours of testimony and presentation of arguements and evidence. The rest of the world however is bound to jobs, families and other daily commitments. Realistically, very few have time to sit and watch, or even catch up on what has been said during the trial.

While every news outlet will have the details or summary of the trial, and the arugments made by boths sides, each news outlet inevitably has its own spin. While I would not presume to tell you, the reader, where to get your news or what sources to follow, I want to recommend to you The Impeachment podcast.

The Impeachment is the follow up to The Report podcast by Lawfare and Goat Rodeo, which we reviewed last year. The Impeachment all of the important speeches, testimonies and arguementation of each day of the trial boiled down to approximately 90 minutes. It is partially roughly cut and without commentary, spin or conjecture. It is not what I would define as easy listening.
However, I find it is extraordinarily necessary to hear what is being said during this trial. Not only is the President of the United States on trial for his action, but the very foundation of the United States and its institutions is under scrutiny.

What to make of this trial and the evidence supply and arguments made by both sides is something one must do individually. I wish only to point towards an as unbiased a source as possible to do so.

Nota Bene:
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