Weekly Round Up 1st – 7th October


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Sanctions and the S-400

Vladimir Putin and Nardendra Modi

Sale of S-400 Triumph SAM system


Why is it important, relevant, worth consideration or keeping an eye on?
In a move to bolster its air defense capabilities as well as its “strategic autonomy”, the Republic of India will be purchasing five B S-400 Surface-to-Air missile battalions from the Russian Federation. The deal is estimated to be worth some 5.5 billion dollars.
A regular S-400 battalion consists of a mobile command center, 8 launchers and 32 missiles. The S-400 has a maximum range of 400km for aerodynamic targets and a minimum range of two kilometers. These figures vary greatly for different target type, for example tactical ballistic targets. The S-400 Triumph missile system is considered one of, if not the best long range system of its type.
The United States of America has spoken up against the sale, threatening to sanction India. Sanctioning India would most probably lead to a deterioration in relations between the two states. This could very well lead to an even tenser situation in the regional politics of south east Asia.

Full Articles:
The Diplomat
Times of India

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Divided to the Core

Ethnic Factions

Protesting and voting

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why is it important, relevant, worth consideration or keeping an eye on?
Bosnia and Herzegovina has been ethnically divided since the the Dayton agreement peace treaty that ended the bloody civil war in 1995. The system of government is not only uniquely complicated but fractured along ethnic lines between two principle ethnic regions, the Republika Srpska (ethnic Serbs) and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (mainly Bosniaks and Croats). Some of the gravest issue for the region include rampant corruption and a devastating youth unemployment rate of around 55%.
Amid the run up to the election, there have been protests in Sarajevo and Banja Luka calling for the an inquiry into the deaths of two young men. The opposition and protesters feel the deaths were murders covered up by the authorities.
The vote has the potential to move the country closer to an integration in Europe and the EU but the ethnic strife could very well derail this opportunity.

Footnote: The Euronews article below does a good job of explaining the complexity of the system of government and ethnic divisions.

Full Articles:
BBC News

Image from France24

A Crisis Ignored

Houthis and UAE backed militants

Battle for port city

Hodeida, Yemen

Why is it important, relevant, worth consideration or keeping an eye on?
In a civil war that has raged since 2015, this week saw an all out offensive for the port city of Hodeida. The port, which is situated on one of the biggest and busiest commercial shipping routes in the world is the sole lifeline for millions of Yemenis. Although this is not the first offensive against the city, it could very well devolve into a long drawn out siege which would plunge Yemen further into crisis.
This week many protesters were beaten and arrested in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a. The protesters were labelled mercenaries sent by those who oppose the Houthis in order to disturb the peace and “stir up public anger”.
Those who took to the streets were protesting the declining standard of living n the country as well as the increase of cost of goods, some of which are now out of reach of the general populace.
A recent exhibition of art from and about the conflict underlines the extent of the human suffering caused by the three year old conflict that has largely been under-reported and left out of the public attention.

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