Weekly Round Up 11 – 18 February

Cambodia Accountability & Return on Investment Act of 2018

Who?   Cambodia, United States & the European Union

What?  Withdrawal of funding to Cambodia, in order to pressurise the nation into a more democratic pattern of politics.

Where?   Cambodia

Why is it important, relevant, worth consideration or keeping an eye on?
The United States are having talks in order to curb their spending and aid into Cambodia in efforts to limit the anti-democratic behaviour displayed by Cambodian officials. Cambodia is slipping evermore into a one-party country, causing concern across the board. After several threats from the United States and the EU to stop funding Hun Sen, and the slow descent into corrupted one party politics, the United States is putting wheels into motion. If the United States sanctions go through, this may start an effect on other Cambodian funders such as the EU, Australia and Japan.

Want to read more about it? Click this link here:

Potential United Nations sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missiles

Who?   Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Nations, Houthi (Rebel Group)

What? United Nations sanction intervention in the Middle East.

Where?  Iran

Why is it important, relevant, worth consideration or keeping an eye on?

There has been an ongoing proxy war between Yemen, Iran and Saudi Arabia, since the 2015 Saudi intervention in Yemen. Yemen has been locked in civil war since 2014, with several failed United Nations interventions. Between the Saudi funded government and the Houthi rebels, Yemen lies trapped, with 75% of its population currently in need of humanitarian aid. The Houthi rebels get most of their supplies including ballistic missiles from their Iranian ally, a weapon in which they use on the majority of their civilian attacks. January saw a United States sanction on Iranian groups linked to missile sales and other nuclear programs, yet the war still rages. A United Nations sanction on the sale and trade of Iranian missiles would help lead to an end of the Houthi led civilian violence in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. However, opposition from Russia could cause delays in putting the act in place and heighten the tensions that already exist between the belligerents.

Interested in reading more, Reuters has a good article right here: https://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCAKCN1G20IH-OCATP

africaNew President for South Africa

Who?   South Africa

What?  Presidential elections

Where?   South Africa

Why is it important, relevant, worth consideration or keeping an eye on?
With all presidential elections, there are elements of change. In South Africa’s case, Cyril Ramaphosa ran unopposed to replace Jacob Zuma in what is being generally referred to by the majority as a period of rebuilding and enlightenment for South Africa. Ramaphosa is looking to improve workers rights, implement a national minimum wage, as well as improve labour stability standards. He also intends to diversify South Africa’s economy. Time will tell how this pans out for South Africa.

Want to read more from the African side? Have a look at the Afican Times article here: http://www.africantimesnews.co.za/2018/02/16/ramaphosa-new-president-south-africa/

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